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Turnkey Barndominium Builders in Chattanooga Tennessee

Choosing a turnkey barndominium builder comes with numerous benefits, including simplifying the entire building process for homeowners. From project inception to completion, a turnkey builder manages every aspect, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This approach streamlines the construction process, providing cost savings, efficient project management, and a quicker move-in timeline. Homeowners can confidently entrust their project to a turnkey builder, enjoying a comprehensive solution that encompasses planning, construction, and the delivery of a fully finished barndominium.

Understanding Barndominiums

A barndominium is a versatile residential structure that combines the functionalities of a barn and a conventional home. This hybrid construction has gained popularity for its unique design and flexibility. Typically featuring a spacious floor plan and metal construction, barndominiums offer a distinctive living space, making them a popular choice for those seeking a blend of rural and modern aesthetics.

A front view of a black barndominium with a front porch in Chattanooga Tennessee

Barndominiums vs. Traditional Homes

Barndominiums emerge as an attractive housing option, boasting cost-effectiveness through efficient construction, design flexibility with open layouts, and durability from sturdy materials. Low maintenance and expedited build times further enhance their appeal, while the unique style of these homes provides a modern living space, diverging from conventional norms.


Barndominiums often prove more cost-effective, as their construction involves fewer materials and labor compared to traditional homes.

Design Flexibility

With open floor plans and versatile layouts, barndominiums provide homeowners with greater design flexibility, allowing for customization based on individual preferences.


The use of durable materials, especially in metal construction, enhances the structural integrity and longevity of barndominiums.

Low Maintenance

Barndominiums typically require less maintenance due to their sturdy construction, reducing long-term upkeep costs.

Expedited Build Time

The simplified construction process of barndominiums often results in quicker build times compared to traditional homes.

Unique Style

The distinct design of barndominiums sets them apart, offering a unique and modern living space that appeals to those seeking something different from conventional housing.

The Barndominium Building Process in Chattanooga Tennessee

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, crafting a barndominium involves a meticulous process. Beginning with detailed planning and design, and ensuring your design is abiding by building codes, the construction process can then start with excavation, foundation laying, and framing. Walls and roofing will be next in line and will create the enclosed structure, followed by the installation of essential utilities. Exterior and interior finishes, including insulation and flooring, refine the space. The journey concludes with a thorough final inspection, assuring safety and quality before the homeowner takes possession of their meticulously constructed barndominium.

Planning & Design

The process commences with thorough planning and design, where the layout and structure of the barndominium are carefully crafted.

Excavation & Site Preparation

Once the design is finalized, the construction site undergoes excavation and preparation to create a suitable foundation.

Foundation Laying

The foundation is crucial, and various options are considered, with the choice between slab, crawlspace, or basement foundations depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

Erection & Framing

The building framework, whether steel or stick framing, is erected following the foundation, providing the structural skeleton of the barndominium.

Walls & Roofing

Walls and roofing materials are then installed, creating the enclosed structure of the barndominium.


The next step involves the installation of essential utilities, including plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems.

Exterior & Interior Finishes

With the core structure in place, exterior finishes are applied, followed by interior finishes such as insulation, drywall, and flooring.

Final Inspection

The construction process concludes with a comprehensive final inspection to ensure compliance with safety standards and quality assurance before the homeowner takes possession.

The Average Cost of Building a Barndominium in Chattanooga Tennessee

The average cost of building a barndominium can vary based on factors such as location, size, design complexity, and chosen finishes. Generally, the cost per square foot for a barndominium is competitive compared to traditional homes. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, the average cost can be plus or minus $200 per square foot depending on the homeowner’s choice of finishing materials. It’s essential to consult with experienced builders to get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific requirements.

Financing Options for Barndominium Construction

Securing financing for a barndominium is similar to traditional home financing. Homeowners can explore mortgage options, construction loans, or personal loans. It’s crucial to work with lenders familiar with barndominium construction to ensure a smooth financing process. Additionally, discussing your financial goals and plans with a financial advisor can help you make informed decisions.

The Average Time to Build a Barndominium

The average time to build a barndominium depends on various factors, including size, complexity, and weather conditions. Generally, the construction time for a barndominium is shorter than that of a traditional home. In Chattanooga, Tennessee the average construction time can range from 6 to 12+ months. Timely decision-making, efficient planning, and a reliable builder contribute to expediting the construction process.

Great Places to Visit in Chattanooga Tennessee

Nestled along the Tennessee River, Chattanooga offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and urban charm. Known for its scenic landscapes, the city boasts Lookout Mountain’s panoramic views with the vibrant arts and music scene thriving in places like the Bluff View Arts District. The Tennessee Aquarium and Ruby Falls add to its allure. Renowned for outdoor activities, historical sites, and a welcoming community, Chattanooga stands as a distinctive gem in the heart of the Volunteer State.

A picture of Ruby Falls in Chattanooga Tennessee with purple, pink and turquoise lighting.

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is a captivating underground waterfall located deep within Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It offers a unique and enchanting experience for visitors who can explore the stunning beauty of the underground caverns and witness the mesmerizing Ruby Falls, making it a must-visit natural wonder.

A picture of fish in an aquarium at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga Tennessee

Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga is a renowned attraction that immerses visitors in diverse aquatic ecosystems. With fascinating marine life exhibits, including colorful fish, playful otters, and mesmerizing underwater habitats, the aquarium provides an educational and entertaining experience for individuals of all ages.

A picture standing at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga Tennessee of the cannon facing the beautiful view

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is a scenic destination offering breathtaking views of Chattanooga and its surrounding areas. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities, scenic overlooks, and explore the natural beauty of the mountain. It provides a serene escape and opportunities for nature enthusiasts to appreciate the outdoors.

Paint brushes lying on an artboard at the Bluff View Art District in Chattanooga Tennessee

Bluff View Art District

Chattanooga’s Bluff View Art District is a cultural haven perched on the banks of the Tennessee River. This charming enclave boasts cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and a plethora of art galleries. Visitors can savor gourmet cuisine, explore sculpture gardens, and revel in the district’s vibrant artistic atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination.

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